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Judge rules groups gets name

A Touch of Gold A Touch of Gold
A Touch of Gold A Touch of Gold
Lyle Hosoda Lyle Hosoda
Frank Makaawaawa Frank Makaawaawa
Cameron Tuitele Cameron Tuitele

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email 

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In Hawaii's music mainstream, their vocal harmony and R&B repertoire set the group apart.

"When you say A Touch of Gold - for those who do know A Touch of Gold - you can see their eyes light up," group member Taylor Hoopii said.

Now the name A Touch of Gold legally belongs to Hoopii and his band mates.

In May the group filed a civil lawsuit. Wednesday, it won sole rights to perform under that name.

"We did reach an agreement with Mr. Cobb and his lawyer that that's all that a judge will decide," the group's attorney Lyle Hosoda said.

Former group member Michael Cobb claimed he owned A Touch of Gold.

He continued to use the name after he and the group parted ways.

"It was a one-man regime. there was no input from the group at all," original group member Frank Makaawaawa said.

Last week in court the group accused Cobb of stealing performances and deceiving the public.

Cobb claimed he was the creative and business force behind the band.

"This is just a sense of relief for us," Cameron Tuitele said. "From this point on we can move forward."

Cobb was with the group when it won a Na Hoku award in 2009 for best R&B album.

"There was an agreement that the master CD would terminate. Whatever is left in inventory is what they have left to sell," Hosoda said.

"We know, and I know, that whatever endeavors that he decides to pursue in the future, he will be successful," Hoopii said.

The group's members say the court victory is bittersweet but they're thankful the tug of war over a title is finally over.

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