Restaurant Week: Eggs 'n Things

Restaurant Week takes place November 15-21. Dozens of restaurants across the state are offering special discounts and menus. Proceeds go to the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head. Every day on Sunrise, we'll profile a different restaurant and its menu.

For Restaurant Week, Eggs 'n Things is serving up a delicious combination of breakfast and dinner.

"We're trying to do things that showcase some of the chef's talents," said general manager Michael Skedelski. "So it still has the Eggs 'n Things flair, but a little more creative."

We start the meal with crispy calamari fingers. Instead of cocktail sauce, they're served with a cucumber-based homemade salsa. It's a refreshing twist to the dish's spicy crunch.

There's also a crab cake with poached egg and hollandaise sauce. It's an eggs benedict without the bread.

"What I do is oil the skillet and push it on for a little while," said Skedelski. "Let it cook a little bit."

For the main course, we try a customer favorite: the colossal chicken fried steak with homemade gravy.

"I've heard it at least a dozen times in the last month or two -- the chicken fried steak is the best chicken fried steak they've ever had," said night cook Aaron Lo.

The secret is in the breading.

"Egg, flour and blend of Ritz crackers," said Lo.

For a lighter option, there's fresh ahi covered with a furikake macademia nut crust and served with homemade wasabi aioli.

And don't forget dessert. Or is it breakfast? Eggs 'n Things has mini pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and bananas, covered in a tower of whipped cream. The sampler is also a hit any time of day. Then there's the restaurant's newest creation: grilled banana-cinnamon lumpia with vanilla bean ice cream.

"We don't usually do, but the cooks like it so much they've been eating it every night," said Skedelski.

A three-course dinner costs just $20, so you can enjoy the flavors of breakfast without the morning rush.

"In the morning, there's a really long wait," said Skedelski. "The evening's more relaxed. You can sit, take your time."

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