Grace Lee grills Hawaii 5-0's Scott Caan

Scott Caan as Danno Williams on Hawaii 5.0
Scott Caan as Danno Williams on Hawaii 5.0
Gracie Williams (played by actress Teilor Grubbs)
Gracie Williams (played by actress Teilor Grubbs)
Caan's dog "Dot"
Caan's dog "Dot"
A freeze frame from the injury explanation scene
A freeze frame from the injury explanation scene
Scott Caan surfing
Scott Caan surfing

By Grace Lee - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You could call it a rocky start.  It's a battle between actors Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan.  Both bring strong characters to life as partners Lieutenant Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams on Hawaii 5-0.  By Episode 8, you could practically call it a blooming bromance.

But how much do Scott and his character Danno really have in common?  They definitely share the same smart aleck quality.

"Where do you like to eat?  Have you been able to try some of the local food here at all?", this reporter asked him.

"No, they don't like to give us any time off.", Caan responded.   "So they feed us crackers and snacks.  An apple here and there.  They bring cheese."

Grace: "You look pretty well nourished for someone who only eats crackers and cheese."

Caan: "Well yeah."

Danno has a soft spot for his daughter, Gracie.

Scott's kid in real life?  His dog.

Grace: "What's your dog's name?"

Caan: "Dot."

Grace: "She likes to keep you company?"

Caan: "Yeah."

Grace: "She go everywhere with you?"

Caan: "She does."

Grace: "That's got to help when you're so far away, huh?"

Caan: "It does, yeah, but you know.  She's a dog.  It only helps so much.  She doesn't talk back which is good."

And if you were wondering why the detective is sporting a cane on the show, writers had to improvise when Scott tore his ACL in reality.

Grace: "I saw an interview that you're into Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu."

Caan: "That's how I hurt my knee.  …What I was doing was passing somebody's guard.  So he had my leg hooked, double hooked.  And as I slid across to pass his guard, he straightened out my leg.  My body went one way and my leg went the other way.  It wasn't an aggressive thing.  It was just the right timing to tear my ACL."

And that's kept the avid surfer out of the water.

Grace:  "We see that you are walking around and you look okay.  How is your knee feeling?"

Caan:  "It's feeling good.  Yeah, I feel like I could surf but the doctor says I shouldn't for a few months so I've been secretly longboarding just a little bit."

Grace:  "Well, your secret is safe.  We just broadcasted this."

Caan:  "Yeah, it's t.v.."

Grace:  "Yeah."

Scott clearly loves the water, but his character, Danno, hates it.

Scott is clearly surviving life in Hawaii.

Caan explained, "Well, like I said, we don't have a ton of time. But everyone has been nice. I like it here. I like Asian food.  Is that the right answer?"

Yes, whether you're Scott or portraying Danno, that is the right answer, Mr. Caan.

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