Restaurant Week: Alan Wong's Restaurants

Restaurant Week takes place November 15-21. Dozens of restaurants across the state are offering special discounts and menus. Proceeds go to the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head. Every day on Sunrise, we'll profile a different restaurant and its menu.

Alan Wong is plating one of his signature dishes – a whole tomato salad.

"You have thinly sliced cucumbers and we're just going to spread it around in kind of a circle here," said Chef Wong. "It's a very simple dish, because it is about the tomato."

But the scene-stealer is the li hing mui ume vinaigrette. The tangy dressing draws out the tomato's sweetness for a delicious burst of flavor.

"What I really enjoy is taking a local product that we grew up on, like li hing mui or crack seed, and making it contemporary," said Chef Wong.

The combination is a favorite with both locals and tourists.

"When they eat it, they all say the same thing: 'wow, that tomato tastes really good,'" said Chef Wong.

For $65 diners can enjoy a three-course selection of Alan's most popular dishes.

"My goal is to have the guests taste Hawaii. So what does taste Hawaii mean? It means serving things that farmers grow here in Hawaii, using fish from our waters," said Chef Wong.

Take the ginger-crusted onaga with a miso-sesame vinaigrette. Fresh, local fish sits on a bed of Nozawa Farms corn and Hamakua mushroom.s

Don't forget to save room for Alan's chocolate crunch bar with bittersweet mousse and macadamia nut crunch.

"We're supporting the next generation of our future chefs," said Chef Wong.

You can also celebrate Restaurant Week at the Pineapple Room. The $40, three-course menu includes a comforting bowl of free-range chicken with eggplant and pea ragout.

"It's sitting in a sauce made from lemongrass, kaffir, lime leaves, Chinese ginger and black beans," said Chef Wong. "It's almost like a scratch Thai curry."

End the meal with a creamy lilikoi cheesecake topped with fresh fruit.

"My recommendation is everybody orders one of each so you get a full menu tasting," said Chef Wong. "That's the whole part of Restaurant Week."

Every day this week we're also giving away $100 gift certificates to different restaurants participating in Restaurant Week. To enter just click here.