Restaurant Week: Roy's Restaurants

Restaurant Week takes place November 15-21. Dozens of restaurants across the state are offering special discounts and menus. Proceeds go to the Culinary Institute of the Pacific and Diamond Head. Everyday on Sunrise, we'll profile a different restaurant and its menu.

Roy Yamaguchi is cooking up a delicious Restaurant Week menu.

"Okay I'm going to be making a macadamia nut white fish with a lobster cream sauce," said Chef Roy.

He caramelizes lobster heads with onions, carrots and celery.

Bacon adds a touch of smoke, tomato paste provides richness and color, and fish stock deglazes the pot.

"I'm getting all the great drippings," said Chef Roy.

Roy streams in some cream, lets the sauce simmer then strains it.

"You're able to really intensify the flavor of all the lobster and the vegetables into the sauce itself," said Chef Roy.

The fish is covered in a rich, buttery crust then seared in a hot pan.

"Macadamia nuts, which have been pulverized with some bread crumbs, and tempered butter," said Chef Roy.

Now it's time to plate. Chef Roy uses Big Island hearts of palm and Waialua asparagus.

"What we try to do is of course try to use as much local ingredients as possible," said Chef Roy.

He tops it all off with a sprinkle of nuts and fresh chives.

"That's it," said Chef Roy.

Meat lovers can opt for Roy's personal favorite -- the braised short rib.

"I'm a fish eater, but at the same time I love short ribs. It's a great comfort food," said Chef Roy.

It's covered in a spicy sweet marinade, smoked then grilled to juicy perfection.

Then there's Roy's chocolate soufflé. Just be careful; it's gooey center can be addicting.

"You try to calculate how many souffles you've sold in 20 years. It's gotta be hundreds of thousands I think. It's loved by everyone," said Chef Roy.

Forty dollars for three courses. It's a meal that will help budding chefs pursue their culinary dreams.

"It's important to me because it's our community," said Chef Roy. "You want to take care of the people you live with."

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