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Reflections on the "Champ"

Mick Fanning Mick Fanning
Makua Rothman Makua Rothman
Billy Hamilton Billy Hamilton

By Guy Hagi bio | email

HANALEI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Despite their pain being still fresh, some of surfing's royalty and Irons' closest friends took time to reflect on the champ's life.

"Andy Irons is the greatest ever, he's the guy that had the soul of gold", commented Makua Rothman.  "It just didn't matter who it was, from a baggage handler to a young kid, wherever he went around the world, he just had time for him and made him smile", said Mark "Occy" Occhilupo.  "He's influenced me so much and he's really helped me to get where I am today, he's awesome, he really is, we've had a lot of years together and I appreciate all of them", added Taj Burrow.

 "A fun loving guy.  He was one of those people with a huge heart, who, every time you saw him, for me any way, he just gave me these giant bear hugs and he's always ready for anything, and just a special human to so many people" added Mick Fanning.

"I can say one thing, he certainly lived life to the fullest, he probably did more things than anybody would do in a lifetime, and very energetic", said Derek Ho.

"Every day when it came to competing, you know, he's a tiger, he was an animal and he didn't care who you are, where you're from or if your last name was Slater or not, you know, he went out there and did his business, and you know everybody remember him as probably one of the greatest competitors that ever lived", added Makua Rothman.

"He's the home grown kid that made it big and he was wonderful to watch.  You know he's left a notch in surfing that's empty now and it's going to be somebody special to fill that.  You know, this is a, he died during his prime and he left a huge legacy, surfing legacy", added Billy Hamilton.

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