Breast cancer survivors celebrate life

Breast cancer survivors gather to celebrate their victory
Breast cancer survivors gather to celebrate their victory
Cynthia Pang
Cynthia Pang
Teresa Tyler
Teresa Tyler

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - Their lives were on the line. They fought and they won. Their opponent? Breast cancer.

On Saturday, hundreds of Hawaii survivors celebrated their victory.

One woman who endured a decade-long battle shared how she's turned it into a fight to help others.

For Cynthia Pang, breast cancer has her feeling not blue, but pink - the symbolic color of the battle against the disease that tried to steal her life.

"It was hard, it was challenging. At the time, my kids were in intermediate school, so I wanted to be with them for every activity, for their soccer games, for their volleyball games and I couldn't, due to the chemo," said Pang.

After 10 years of physical and emotional pain, Pang is now in remission.

Her renewed sense of life, is what brings her here, to the Susan G. Komen Survivor's Conference in Kaneohe.

"It's a magical feeling to meet another survivor. I feel like I can probably help them along and listen to their story, and give them insight as to what's to come," said Pang.

It's insight that's much needed, based on the turnout.

From getting advice, to learning how to eat healthy and experiencing a healing touch through alternative therapy, the event drew 200 survivors.

Not all are women.

"It's very scary. There are men on the islands who are breast cancer survivors themselves," said Teresa Tyler, President of the Hawaii Susan G. Komen board.

Experts say there is one, almost sure way to beat breast cancer.

"With early detection, there's a 98% survival rate, so it's very important," said Tyler.

Pang is living proof, the potentially deadly disease can be conquered.

Not just through medicine, but also through support.

"With the help of family and friends, you pull through. It's amazing," said Tyler.

Since its birth in 1999, the Hawaii branch of the Susan G. Komen organization has raised over two million dollars for breast cancer research, and outreach programs like Saturday's.

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