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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Happy Veterans Day, Sunrisers,

It was seemingly healthy. So why did an 80 foot banyan tree suddenly fall over in Manoa. That's the question investigators will try to solve today after a tree narrowly missed a University of Hawaii student. The tree crushed her minivan just before she got into it.

Mysterious missile. Captured on camera off the coast of California, some speculated that it was a rogue missile launch. Pentagon officials now have an answer. The plume culprit originated in Hawaii. We'll tell you what it was.

Whooping cough cases rise. Emergency officials are trying to contain the problem. We'll tell you just how widespread it is.

Celebrating Veterans. Lisa Kubota will take us live to Wahiawa for the parade. Jim Mendoza will highlight the issue of homeless veterans and how we can help.

Fly like a G-6? The answer is always, "yes!". Byron will tell you how and where you can go in Around Town.

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