Abercrombie to meet with DPS to finalize security arrangements

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's one of the first orders of business for governor-elect Neil Abercrombie -- requesting a detail of guards to protect him.

Abercrombie has yet to finalize the arrangement with the Department of Public Safety.

When they're chosen, the executive protection officers will escort Abercrombie and lieutenant governor Brian Schatz everywhere they go.

Protection will also be provided for their families.

"So it can start as soon as election night or when we are contacted and informed that now they're ready for this transition. We would send our executive protection supervisor to meet with their key staff to arrange for this transition period," Department of Public Safety director Clayton Frank said.

Frank says Abercrombie has requested a meeting.

Frank says the ideal transition would be to keep the team that provided security for Gov. Linda Lingle and Lieutenant Gov. Duke Aiona, at least through the early stages of the new administration.

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