Grace Lee interviews Hawaii Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim
Daniel Dae Kim

By Grace Lee - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After spending six years filming the series "Lost," Daniel Dae Kim is now giving advice to his Hawaii Five-0 castmates as the most senior actor to the islands.

He eats local foods, works out in the Ala Moana area. But does he consider himself kamaaina yet? Grace Lee goes behind the scenes to find out.

When you first meet Chin Ho Kelly, he has been kicked off the police force and disgraced.

But that quickly changes for actor Daniel Dae Kim as his character becomes an integral part of the Hawaii Five-0 team.

We caught up with Daniel behind the scenes at Ala Moana Beach Park.

You may notice he uses pidgin the most often and plays the local guy with the best connections.

Not that different from real life.

Daniel spent the last six years shooting the series "Lost."

That scene brought a lot of people to tears.

So did the shooting schedule for the crew.

But Daniel says Five-0 is even more demanding than "Lost."

"Yeah as I was saying, our shooting is ambitious. And we have a lot of company moves in one day. So any time you move an entire film crew, it takes some time. So there have been longer hours for sure," Kim said.

As the senior resident among his castmates, he's become their go to guy.

"Yeah, they've come to me for advice for certain things. Most of the time I feel like I've given them good advice, but some of the time, I'm sure they're like. 'I don't know what Daniel is talking about, that place was awful,'" Kim said.

Daniel also seems to have adopted the laid back, no frills lifestyle, at least when it comes to working out.

He is often spotted at the 24-hour Fitness on Kapiolani..

"I have a theory that I'm going to espouse to everyone out there. It's no secret anymore. The less of a big deal you make of yourself, the less of a big deal people around you will make. That's what I'm hoping anyway," Kim said.

As for local food, he loves it.

"I have a lot of great places to eat. I love ramen noodles. There are a few ramen places to go to like Gomaichi on Keeaumoku. Do I really want to be saying all these things? All these places are private places and now they're going to be... no, there are a lot of places I like. The place on Keeaumoku is great. 4449 Side Street is a big favorite of mine," Kim said.

With so many choices, what does Daniel order at Side Street?

"Poke, that's easy. But that's healthy. That's the thing I like the most. There's something that reminds me of Korean bulgogi, the way it's seasoned. And I love fish, fresh fish. So it's the perfect combination for me," Kim said.

And Daniel is the perfect combination of action.

Protective family member and partner against crime.

And Daniel, we do trust you... with a much loved character.

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