Hawaii APEC team heading to Japan

Tim Johns
Tim Johns

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A team from Hawaii is heading to Japan this weekend for a look at what to expect at Honolulu's APEC summit next year.  Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Hawaii Vice Chair Tim Johns says 28 people from Hawaii will be attending this year's APEC meetings in Yokohama, Japan.  It will give them a head start on planning and marketing.  Nearly 20,000 people are expected to come to Hawaii for the meetings in November including 2,000 members of the international media and 1,000 high level CEO's.

"We want to be able to learn from what Japan is doing now and see how they're doing it when they do their summit next week in Yokohama and we also want to start marketing and get people excited, primarily the business community, the CEO's, the Fortune 500 companies that do business throughout the Asia Pacific and get them excited about coming up to the Pacific and seeing what Hawaii has to offer in 2011," said Johns.

Members from the Honolulu Police Department, the Hawaii National Guard and the emergency management team will also make the trip to Japan to look at logistics and security.

"It will be a good dry run for us. We'll get some first hand experience about what it looks like, how the traffic flows, how people are taken from place to place, how the volunteers are used and how all the efforts are garnered together that will be a good experience for us and so we'll learn from them but we'll also be taking Hawaii's message out there and telling people come to Hawaii, come see what we do here, come experience a very exciting summit when President Obama will be hosting in his hometown," said Johns.

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