Coming up on Sunrise this morning - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Happy Thursday!

Start me up! Sunrisers, we're starting with some Rolling Stones in the newsroom. We're pumped!

It's a good thing because Dan Cooke is sick and we still don't know who is going to do the weather. Watch and find out how we handle the pressure.

Did you vote? We'll tell you just how many went to the polls to take a stand. How does it compare to years past?

Remembering Andy Irons. His family, friends and fans are mourning in different ways. The Rip Curl Pro Competition had to be postponed because of the effect on the surfing community. We'll tell you how the family is planning his memorial.

Child sex trade. There is an effort in Thailand to usher at risk kids into safe havens. One local woman is documenting their efforts and bringing light to a dark issue. Steve will introduce you to one of Hawaii's Heroes.

Melt Lunchwagon. It's causing a taste sensation on the streets on Honolulu. Where can you find it? What does it serve? We'll show you in Living Lei Chic.

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See you on TV!

- Grace Lee

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