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Chai's Choices: Kataifi & Macadamia Nuts Crusted Fresh Kauai Prawns

Ingredients:    8 pieces of jumbo fresh Kauai Prawns or (Black Tiger Prawns) peeled

                        A dash of lemon juice

                        A pinch of salt & pepper to taste

                        8 pieces of bamboo sticks

                        1 cup of all purpose flour

                        1/3 cup of corn starch

                        1 tablespoon of chopped Macadamia nut

                        1 whole egg

                        1 cup of cold water

                        1 box of Kataifi (Shredded Fir Dough) or any thin noodles

                        4 cup of vegetable oil for deep fry



Marinate the prawns with lemon juice, salt and pepper, the acid from lemon juice will make the meat of shrimp crunchy.  Skewer the prawns with bamboo stick then set aside

~In a bowl combine flour, cornstarch, chopped Macadamia nut, egg and cold water together.

~Dip the prawn in the batter then wrap with the Kataifi, repeat till finish all the prawns

~In a wok or deep fryer preheat the oil about 375 F, then fry the prawns for a few minutes or until you get the light brown color and serve with pineapple vinaigrette

~Garnish with pineapple and mixed salad


Pineapple vinaigrette ingredients:

                        ½ cup of pineapple juice

                        1 cup of sugar

                        ½ cup white vinegar

                        pinch of salt

                        dash of Tabasco



~In a pot combine all ingredients together and bring it to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. 

Served room temperature


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