Putting Abercrombie & Aiona in the hot seat, Part 10: Any Regrets?

L to R: Brian Schatz, Neil Abercrombie, Duke Aiona & Lynn Finnegan
L to R: Brian Schatz, Neil Abercrombie, Duke Aiona & Lynn Finnegan
Kim Gennaula
Kim Gennaula

By Kim Gennaula

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - James "Duke" Aiona has 8 years as Lieutenant Governor.  Neil Abercrombie has 19 years in Washington.  And as they look back, do they have any regrets?

There's been lots of negative campaigning in this election.  So, instead of hearing from the commercials, I thought we'd ask the candidates themselves: If you could do it all over again, is there anything you would change about how you've served the State of Hawaii so far?

Neil Abercrombie says "Yes".  He was on the committee that helped put together the treat with Micronesia.  That's now costing Hawaii millions.

Abercrombie admits, "I wish we could have done something more to see to it that the funding came. It wasn't for a lack of.   I ended up voting for the bill because it was the right thing to do - but the funding wasn't there.  And I regret that ...very, very deeply and I think that the consequences of that are in front of us right now."

The question was posed to Lt. Governor Duke Aiona as well, "Is there anything you regret about the last 8 years?"

Aiona answered, "No, I mean could you have done things better? Absolutely - do you want to do things better?Absolutely and that's why I'm running but I have no regrets about the last 8 years".

Less than 48 hours to go until election day and this race could be tight.  Don't forget to vote!

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