Last Minute Halloween Shoppers

Brandon Veney
Brandon Veney

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - By Oscar Valenzuela - bio | email

Ready for the witching hour, folks at Party City were making last minute choices at the crowded costume wall aisle. Some having to settle on what ever was leftover. Some of the choices; Avatar, Batman and Robin, and Alice in Wonderland.

Many of the shoppers said they had their ideas coming in but once they realized costumes were selling out,  they weren't so sure. Brandon Veney was a little disappointed but said he had one idea left. "Yeah a lot of stuff is gone, I think I'm going to be an old man, "now listen here sonny." He mimicked.

Kapua Tong figured she'd dress the part, being the only one among her friends with a car. "I wanted to be a taxi driver because I'm always driving my friends around." she said. Unfortunately, she couldn't find the right one. She remained undecided. The store offers over five-hundred costumes and there were still plenty to go around but that's not what had some people seeing red.

"That line is gruesome." said one customer while another complained, "That line is bad dude, there's no way I'm standing in that line." At one point customers stood in lines wrapping all the way to the back of the store. One shopper, had gone into the store to pick up a quick accessory to his Police man's outfit but decided the long line wasn't worth the wait. He spotted a real police officer while he was there and told us, "I'm thinking of asking that patrolman for his badge".

Expecting the large crowds, the store hired Honolulu police officers just in case the last minute rush got a little spooky. In the last moments Kapua Tong did finally find an outfit that worked; sexy cab driver. She went to stand in the long line wearing a look of satisfaction. Scarier of course, what awaited them all at the front counter, the cash register.

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