Republicans excited about Election Day

Lynn Finnegan & Duke Aiona
Lynn Finnegan & Duke Aiona
John Willoughby
John Willoughby

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Republicans are taking their campaigns directly to the people visiting companies and businesses trying to make the most of every minute before Election Day.

Charles Djou spent lunch with medical professionals at the Hawaii Medical Center East.  He was talking about ways to bring life to the economy and Congress.

"I've been up since before 5:00 this morning it's all about meeting people, because ultimately that's what it comes down to, it comes down to the people of Hawaii and talking with the voters one at a time and this is the final day to make our final push and that's exactly what I'm doing we're trying to make every minute of every hour count," said Rep. Charles Djou, (R) Hawaii, First Congressional District.

It seems to be working people were asking him for autographs and posing for pictures with him knowing every vote counts in such a close race.

"It's a simultaneous feeling of nervousness as well as excitement as well as I guess a little bit of relief after having campaigned for so long and so hard," said Rep. Djou.  "The people who know what the results are, are the voters in Hawaii's first district and I look forward to their judgment tomorrow."

Duke Aiona and Lynn Finnegan met with various companies downtown shaking hands and changing minds.  Aiona says he likes talking with voters in an 'unfiltered environment.'  Aiona, who is a former lawyer and judge, is excited to hear the final verdict from voters.

"I know this is like the final argument and we instruct the jury and we send them out to deliberate and they deliberate and now we wait for the verdict.  It's exciting but yet it's also gut wrenching," said Duke Aiona, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate.  "We feel like we've made a difference with some of the minds. Of course we don't ask them which way are you leaning, but you can get from body language and the feel they give you.  We feel like we're changing minds because again they get to see us up close and personal and we're answering their specific questions so it's making a difference."

"It's all in for us I don't think we're looking at any other options right now and the people of Hawaii are what's important right now," said Lynn Finnegan, (R) Lt. Governor Candidate.

District Two congressional candidate John Willoughby is trying to pull off a huge upset.  He took a leave of absence as a United Airlines pilot to campaign against incumbent Mazie Hirono.  He says that leave is scheduled to end right after the election and he could be back in the cockpit as early as Wednesday.

"We feel really good. Being an unknown in the race it's a little bit tough," said John Willoughby, (R) Congressional Candidate, District Two.

Willoughby will spend Election Day on Maui and then fly to Kona to watch the results with supporters.

Charles Djou and Duke Aiona will be around Oahu until it's time to watch the results after the polls close. They plan to be up early sign waving and encouraging people to vote rain or shine.

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