Good Samaritan vessel helps Hawaii-bound sailboat

HONOLULU (AP) - A Good Samaritan vessel has come to the aid of a Big Island-bound sailboat.

The U.S. Coast Guard reports the captain of the 43-foot sailboat Kehaulani issued a distress call Friday 900 miles southeast of Hilo, saying its sails were frayed and fuel had began to run low.

The captain estimated the vessel would likely run out of fuel 475 miles from the Big Island. The 66 year-old captain and a 63 year-old woman were the only people aboard the sailboat.

The captain of the 134-foot steel brigantine, Robert C. Seamans, responded to a SafetyNET message that was issued.

The vessels rendezvoused Saturday, and the crew of Robert C. Seamans provided 40 gallons of diesel fuel and repaired the sails.

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