Airport ID rules get tougher this week

By Howard Dicus bio | email

HONOLULU & WASHINGTON (HawaiiNewsNow) - After a one-year grace period, U.S. airports from Monday on will be more insistent about the name on your photo I.D. conforming with the name on your reservation.

The program, called "Secure Flight," coincides with the Nov. 1 handoff of responsibility for airline passenger watch lists from the FBI to the Transportation Security Administration, a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.

Airlines are now required to collect your full name, precisely as it appears on your I.D., plus gender and birthdate.

"By providing complete information, passengers can significantly decrease the likelihood of watch list misidentification," TSA said on its Web site, .

The most important thing on the TSA's official description of Monday's new reality is that "small" discrepancies may be acceptable.

"Small differences in the name on the boarding pass and I.D., like middle initials, should not impact your travel," TSA said.

But local travel agents strongly suggested that travelers begin to book flights under precisely the same name, including middle initials, that appears on the photo I.D. they intend to present at the airport.

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