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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Good Morning Sunrisers! It's Friday!!

Shots fired. There are initial reports that shots were first fired from a guard post on the North Korean side of the de-militarized zone. South Korea shot back. There were no injuries, but the tensions are clearly rising on the peninsula.

Indonesian baby found in a clump of trees. Today, we get our first look at the 2 month old boy who was found days after the natural disaster killed his parents.

Hole in plane. Imagine the terrifying moments for passengers as they flew from Miami to Boston. We have the images captured by someone on board.

Riding the express. Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Lynn Finnegan will be in studio today to tell you why she thinks you should vote her into office.

In or out? Were you watching the finale of Project Runway. We'll tell you how Waianae's Andy South did and how he feels about it. He's coming into our studio.

From general manager to play-by-play. Our General Manager Rick Blangiardi will join Jim Leahey to broadcast play-by-play for the Warriors Homecoming game tomorrow. Blangiardi hasn't called a game for 20 years. He'll come in with Jim to chat with Steve.

Happy Birthday, Sunny. The Sunrise dog turns 3 today. See if Steve is irritated that we spoil and love the mutt more than him. Ha! We're busting out her puppy pictures.

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See you on TV! It's Friday!

- Grace Lee



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