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FBI searching for fugitives accused of running Ponzi scheme

Perry Griggs Perry Griggs
Rachelle Griggs Rachelle Griggs
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The search is on for a fugitive couple, accused of scamming millions of dollars from Hawaii residents. Some of the victims are prisoners.

While Perry Griggs was in prison on the mainland, the FBI says he and his wife Rachelle, conned Perry's fellow inmates and their families out of three million dollars. Nine of the victims are from Hawaii. An indictment that came down today, saying the Griggs ran a ponzi scheme, where they allegedly manipulated the victims into investing money into Aloha Trading, a fake company.

Honolulu FBI agent, Tom Simon said, "You have to understand, family members of people who are incarcerated don't have the dim view of inmates that you and I might. They have family members and loved ones who are in prison so they don't immediately think of someone in prison as being necessarily as a horrible person. Most of the victims that I've met in this case are senior citizens."

Honolulu FBI agent, Tom Simon says the victims got mortgage loans, or liquidated their retirement and personal savings to invest in aloha trading. In 2008, Griggs was released from prison. He was serving time for another ponzi scheme. And when the couple's alleged scam started falling apart, the FBI says the two took off.

FBI investigators believe the Griggs may be in the Sacramento area. An investigation of their phone records show a lot of calls were made to that area. An alert has been put out by the local Sacremento bureau of the FBI.

The Griggs are from the Everett-Maryville, Washington area. They lived in Santa Ana, California through the 1990s and most recently lived in Las Vegas.

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