'Hawaii Five-0' actor James MacArthur dies at age 72

James MacArthur
James MacArthur
Jimmy Borges
Jimmy Borges
Kimo Kahoano
Kimo Kahoano

By Dan Cooke

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - He was McGarret's right hand man. And it was usually McGarrett who said, "Book 'em Danno."

James MacArthur died early this morning at the Mayo Clinic in Florida.

His wife called local entertainer Jimmy Borges with the news.

"It was devastating, just very devastating. I'm through crying, I've been crying all morning."

Borges was one of several local actors who worked with MacArthur on 5-0.

"He was a mensch, he was a real good guy. I liked hanging out with him because we had a lot of laughs."

Kimo Kahoano was another.

"You know how icy some people can get, you know, like the acting scene today is a whole different scene from Hollywood. But Jimmy allowed everybody to be a part of whatever he was doing, so I gotta thank him because that allowed me to grow."

MacArthur also became friends with local television personality Emme Tomingbang.

"Being around jimmy after the TV show I almost forgot who he was because he was always very congenial and loved to joke around."

In 1995, he co-produced and co-hosted a 5-0 reunion show with Tomingbang.

"I didn't learn until this show that his mother was Helen Hayes."

Hayes adopted James with her husband, playrite Charles MacArthur.

But his famous parents and starring role in Hawaii 5-0 weren't his only claims to fame.

MacArthur appeared in Hollywood classics Battle of the Bulge, Swiss Family Robinson and Spencer's Mountain.

Despite his success, MacArthur remained a genuine guy.

"he was one of those movie star guys who you know, hey Jim and he would talk with you, eye to eye, never talk down to anybody."

And he really connected with the people of Hawaii.

"it was the genuineness of people and I think that reflected his genuineness too, I think he was more alike with the local people than he was different."

James MacArthur, dead at age 72, but living on in the memories of his many friends here in the islands.

"He was really the essence of aloha.. With blue eyes."

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