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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Good Thursday morning Sunrisers,

Secretary Clinton on Pacific Policies. The cabinet member is expected to outline international policy for the region in a speech at 8:30am from the Kahala Hotel. We'll bring it to you live on KFVE.

Wind whipped? The blustery conditions battered the state. On the Big Island, a whirlwind injured 4 people at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel according to the Fire Department. We'll show you the damage, and Dan will tell you how long these conditions will last.

President Obama on the Daily Show. Jon Stewart welcomed our commander-in-chief on his satirical show on Comedy Central. While they discussed some serious topics, they managed to share a few laughs. Check out the highlights of their verbal jousting.

Running for Lieutenant Governor. Democrat Brian Schatz wants you to vote for him. He'll try to convince you when he comes on live in our 5am hour on KGMB/KHNL.

Nightmares Live. Talk about a couple of scaredy cats. Steve and I visited the haunted house. We weren't playing it up. We were both extremely fearful. See how he sacrifices his co-anchor to save himself. Unbelievable!

Dressed to the 9's. Are you a bargain hunter, but you still need to look good? We'll show you where you can get qualified people to cut, color and style your hair. Prices start at $10.

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See you on TV!

- Grace Lee

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