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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Good Wednesday morning Sunrisers,

Clinton in Hawaii. The Secretary of State will arrive this afternoon and stay for 3 days on the islands. Secretary Clinton plans to meet with Pacific Commander Admiral Robert Willard. What else will she do officially? We'll have details.

Will tardiness get you arrested? It will in windward Oahu. Undercover officers arrested 3 Kalaheo high school students for being late. Police say truancy is a big problem in the area. However, the parents argue that the officers went too far. We'll have both sides of the story.

$25,000 present. That's what one Wahiawa teacher received yesterday. How she got the big bucks.

Morimoto Ichiban. He's a real Iron Chef. Trained under some of the most talented in the culinary field, Masaharu Morimoto has opened up his own restaurants. His 7th is in the Waikiki Edition Hotel. He shows us how he is incorporating Hawaii flavors into his signature style.

Disambiguation. It's a fancy term for atom smashing. Why would one smash atoms? Lots of reasons. Do I know any? Not really, but Howard does. That's why he has a segment called "Ask Howard". Send him questions to He'll answer them.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's what they offer at today's Cheap Eats location. Russ and Lyle scour the island for the best food at the lowest price.

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