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Putting Abercrombie & Aiona in the hot seat, Part 1

Neil Abercrombie Neil Abercrombie
James "Duke" Aiona James "Duke" Aiona

By Kim Gennaula

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The polls indicate voters are split right down the middle on this one.  So it's time to look past whether you like their confidence or charisma and focus on how exactly they're going to shape our future.

Neil says he's the candidate for a brighter, happier Hawaii:

"The Lt. Governor has made it pretty clear that it's been grim up until now and it's going to keep on being grim.  Why we can't do things has been a theme.  And my theme has been no, we should embrace change.   We can make change.  I'm optimistic about wanting to do that and I think that's the direction people want to go."

Duke says Neil is not being honest with Hawaii voters:

"Neil  in his new day in Hawaii plan – calls for at least 2 new departments, several new programs, bringing back several of the programs that had to be streamlined and bringing back many, many other jobs that we just had to cut because of the financial crisis that we had.  He's going to bring all of this back and we asked him, ‘So, Neil, how are you going to pay for this?  Because we don't have the revenues.'  Now, if that's doom and gloom, I'm saying, ‘Come on Neil, let's be real.  We don't have the money so I want you to tell the people of Hawaii where you're going to get that money from.'"

Over the next several days at 5 and 10, I'll ask each of the candidates the same questions and you'll see just where they stand on the hot topics.  Tonight at ten: rail transit.  You've heard a lot about it.  It's a city project.  But you may be surprised to hear what could happen next depending on who gets elected as governor on November 2nd.


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