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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Good Tuesday morning, Sunrisers,

Hold onto your hats. There are gale warnings for channels south of Molokai. All waters are under a small craft advisory statewide. Also, there is a wind advisory for leeward Maui, Lanai and most of the Big Island. Dan will have the latest on our forecast.

Political attributes. What matters to voters? Is it understanding the needs of unions, being better for businesses or is it character? We'll have the results of our exclusive Hawaii News Now/ Star Bulletin poll.

Hawaii man at the center of a terror probe. Abdul Hameed Shehadeh is awaiting transfer from Honolulu to New York city this morning after being suspected of trying to travel to Pakistan to join the Taliban or some similar group. What federal charges he faces and where he was known to hang out in Waikiki.

Did the oracle predict his death? Remember Paul the octopus who correctly predicted the outcome of the World Cup? He has died. We'll celebrate his life with a montage on Sunrise.

Love teeth? Then join the Future Dentist Symposium. It's designed to encourage high schoolers to join the profession. How you could win a scholarship.

Drunken chicken with spaghetti. It's not a story, but a dish that Chef Chai will cook up in our kitchen.

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See you on tv!

-grace lee

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