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Coming up on Sunrise this morning


Good Monday morning, Sunrisers!

Stumping, sign waving and shaking hands. From President Obama to local congressional candidates, they're making their final push before the general election. Does it work with voters? What the latest polls reveal for national and state races.

Hiccup felon? Jennifer Mee gained notoriety when she had a case of the hiccups that lasted for months. Now, she is facing murder charges. What happened? We'll have her story.

Shots fired near Keeaumoku. That was the report to police on Sunday morning around 4am. They arrested one man from a group of 30. We'll have details.

Did you know that it's World Pasta Day? We didn't either, but we are more than willing to help one restaurant celebrate. Watch a chef...while he cooks.

Perfect Match? Big brothers, big sisters is asking the questions for their volunteers and to the Sunrise crew. How well do Steve and I know each other after being co-anchors for 3 years? You may be surprised how bad we are at this game.

Do you believe in magic? We do. Dan and Steve will try to learn slight of hand live on television.

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See you on TV!

-Grace Lee


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