Movie Review: RED

"R.E.D." the three letters of the title stand for "Retired, Extremely Dangerous," a very silly action comedy starring lots of big name actors past their prime.

Watching "Red" is a guilty pleasure.
I'd describe it as entertaining comedy that celebrates age over youth.
The young characters see this group of C.I.A. retirees as harmless senior citizens...when actually they're lethal.
Bruce Willis is Frank Moses, the one time hero who now has a crush on this film's youngest character, the 40 something Mary Louise Parker, a bureaucrat who sends him his retirement check. She is more or less kidnapped to save her life and tags along as the oldsters try to figure out why the C.I.A. now wants them dead.
The ensemble cast really gets to ham it up.
Their characters regret how long it's been since they've gotten to kill anybody, and "Red" give them a new opportunity.

65 year old Helen Mirren revives her skills as an assassin. Long time action hero Willis gets to show he's still got it. And the typecast John Malkovich gets to be crazy as a loon. (The explanation is that he was forced to take L.S.D. daily for eleven years.)
Even the usually dignified Morgan Freeman gets in on the fun.
The only problem is that "Red" is not a good movie.
Still, some of its bits are so much fun to watch, I didn't really care that its overall script is a bit of a mess.