Personal records get shredded in annual event

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Better Business Bureau helped Hawaii families protect their identities as it held its third annual "Community Shred" event at McKinley High School Saturday. People's personal information was shred for free.

Volunteers from the BBB and the Bank of Hawaii unloaded boxes of paper, CD's and floppy disks that had been dropped off by community members. They then passed on those boxes and dumped paper into bins to prepare them for shredding.

"I-D theft is always on the climb, it's not going down," said Bonnie Horibata, vice president of the BBB in Hawaii. "Billions of dollars are being lost through all kinds of ID theft methods. We want to keep our community vigilant in protecting their information. "

Putter Meinkin of Kailua was among the people who brought records to be shredded.

"I'm a volunteer worker at Trinity Christian School and to protect the records of the school and the kids, it's important that they be shredded properly," Meinkin said.

Volunteers were also on hand at the event to offer advice on identity theft protection.

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