Kaiser surgeons broadcast operation

Dr. Michael Caps
Dr. Michael Caps
Dr. Peter Schneider
Dr. Peter Schneider

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HONOLULU - In an operating room at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, surgeons repaired an aneurysm in an artery.

"What we like to do is to fix those aneurysms before they have a rupture cause once they've ruptured it's a bad deal," vascular surgeon Michael Caps said.

But the eyes in the room weren't the only ones watching.

The procedure was beamed to a conference in Las Vegas to 2,000 cardiologists, surgeons, and radiologists.

The satellite hookup was an interactive show and tell.

"We would like to have not just one resident or fellow in there helping us. We would like to be able to, while we do the work, allow a couple thousand other people," said Dr. Peter Schneider.

"Usually, you're looking for some new technique that you've never done before or something that you've done a few times and you want to get a different slant on it -- perhaps a better way to make it happen," Caps said.

Wednesday, Kaiser was one of five hospitals streaming live to the conference.

"We wanted to do this live case to show what we were doing and to show how even out in the middle of the ocean you really can do the most advanced stuff," Schneider said.

The surgery and the broadcast were clean and painless.

"They get to actually see techniques in action, happening live as opposed to just hearing about it," Caps said.

For 2,000 doctors thousands of miles away, this form of Reality TV was for education not entertainment. And it was the closest thing to being there.

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