Howzit Howard: First Hawaiian Bank

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Deposits, lending and profit are all up four percent compared to last year. First Hawaiian made $56 million in the third quarter. Non-performing assets - loans on which payments aren't being made - comprise less than one quarter of one percent of assets.

The nation's largest bank is backing away from free checking. Bank of America is now charging nine dollars a month for a new account if you deal with an actual teller. Checking is still free if you do everything online. First Hawaiian and Central Pacific say they intend to continue offering free checking and I'm inviting other local banks to tell me their views on this.

The Hawaii Auto Dealers Association reports new car registrations for the summer were down one percent from last year. Car sales are slower here even than on the mainland, even though the economy here is better.

Are you eating less chocolate? Hershey will hike ad spending 60 percent after missing sales targets. Hershey owns Mauna Loa.

Are you eating less cereal? Kellogg has lowered its profit forecast on slumping cereal demand. Kellogg also makes Pop-Tarts an Eggos.

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