Living Lei Chic: Gourmet Shave Ice

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Alyson found three cool venues for shave ice, and they were all inside the Ala Moana Center. First, we hit Alan Wong's Pineapple Room where executive chef Lance Kosaka showed us how they freeze a fish stock, scrape it and then shape it with a sushi mold. On top is a prime piece of ahi sushi, and he adds some garnish so that it is tasty, savory with a bit of heat. Fantastic!

Next up, the Pacific Place Tea Garden that's located in a kiosk in front of Neiman Marcus above center stage. There are several types that owner Lynette Jee whipped up for us. They are equally refreshing, boasting real coffee, green tea and fruit.

You may go to Tsukiji's for the sushi, but it also has a shave ice station. The one flavor you should try is melon. The restaurant ships in the special brand from Japan and its taste is reminiscent of the melona bars.

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