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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

Oh it's so tantalizingly close, Sunrisers! It's Thursday.

Avalon, Lexus and Highlander owners, heads up! Toyota issued another recall today because of a brake fluid issue. Details will be on Sunrise.

Nimitz traffic, not so good. That's the prediction, since two Diamond head bound lanes will be shut down to shoot a scene for the movie "Battleship". It starts at 5am. We'll check to see how traffic is doing between Vaulkenberg and Elliott Streets all morning.

Head-on collision in Haleiwa. Four people were taken to the hospital after police say a Jeep veered into oncoming traffic near Helemano Plantation. We'll have details of the crash.

Long lost relative, mom or dad? There is a free service on Oahu that will try to reunite you. We'll sit down with members from the Adoption Circle.

This isn't your parents' shave ice. Think of a delicious piece of ahi sashimi on top of frozen bed of soup. Or a refreshing pineapple dream. We're going gourmet for shave ice at 3 different venues. Alyson will show you in Living Lei Chic.

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