C4 Waterman - Family Fun

Much has happened in the sport of stand up paddle over the past year. Whether you are interested in high-performance surfing, racing across the Molokai Channel, or just cruising along the coast, you'll probably want to learn as much as you can about all the different types of SUP paddle craft available on the market.

People think that C4 is just a stand-up paddle board company.  It's not just a stand-up company, it's a company based on a lifestyle. We cherish the Hawaiian value system, things like friendship & family.

C4 stands for the core four things that we believe in: Balance, Endurance, Strength and Tradition; four things we need to use in life.

These values are what we're marketing, not just our boards. We're marketing our values through surfing & that's the part that's free. Respect the land, respect the ocean, respect your friends, neighbors, whoever is around.

This special offer is good for one weekend, 2 board rental.

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