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Local Connection: Being multi-lingual is a must

We often hear  "Hawaii needs more China tourism".  That's easy enough to understand.  It's a big country.  And it's rich.  China has a million millionaires.  But we're not prepared.  Hawaii is not rich in Chinese speakers.  Many that we do have speak Cantonese.  China's dominant tongue is Mandarin.

And that's not the only tongue in short supply.  Hawaiian Airlines flies to Seoul in January.  It needs 80 Korean speakers.

So why are we Americans so unilingual?  Maybe the French you took wore off through lack of use.  Maybe your parents saved their Tagalog or Ilocano for private conversations.

Well, it's a global village now and a global economy.  We need to fix this.  Our children will benefit greatly from being multi-lingual.  As we reform education, let's never forget this.  Never!

Or, as the French say,"jamais"!


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