Movie Review: NEVER LET ME GO

The new movie called "Never Let Me Go"  stars Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and the future Spiderman, Andrew Garfield.

But this is not mainstream entertainment. Instead,
"Never Let Me Go" is kind of a science fiction art film.
It's a bleak story about human clones who are raised for the sole purpose of donating their organs so that other people can live longer.
The movie is well made and well acted, and it's definitely thought provoking. But it's also pretty hard to take.
The human clones are isolated in an English boarding school where a new teacher who can't stand the idea of raising children to be sacrificed, tells them the truth before she's promptly fired.

"None of you will do anything except live the life that has been set out for you," she tells her class, "and sometime around your third donation, your short life will be complete. That's what you're created to do."

In their twenties the young clones have lots of anxiety about their purpose. but there is no recourse for them. Not even love can help them escape their fate. And their despair is palpable.

"Never Let Me Go" is haunting and sad, a very good film that I just can't recommend.

 What I do recommend is that you check out some of the offerings in the 30th annual Hawaii International Film festival now in full swing.
More than 200 films from 40 countries are showing over a ten day span in the Regal Theatres at Dole Cannery.

The best way to check out what's playing is to visit the festival's web site where you can see trailers for most of the movies and then buy and print tickets at home.