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Superferry sale re-surfaces ferry talk

The now defunct Superferry The now defunct Superferry
Robert Harris Robert Harris
Michael Hamm Michael Hamm
Ann Basto Ann Basto
Protestors against the Superferry Protestors against the Superferry

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email 

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Superferry's vessels were recently auctioned off. But talk of an interisland ferry has re-surfaced in the race for governor.

Republican James "Duke" Aiona's web site said he'd work with the community to study the feasibility of returning an interisland ferry to Hawaii. Democrat Neil Abercrombie has said an interisland ferry system is critical for the future of Hawaii's food security, local businesses and quality of life.

Sierra Club Hawaii's Robert Harris has a warning for both men.

"If we're going to do another Superferry, we need to make sure that the company follows the law," he said. "Following the law requires doing an environmental review and trying to make sure that there is community buy in so we have a good community partner that tries to do what's best for Hawaii and not just what's best for itself."

The Superferry transported people and vessels for pleasure and work. We asked some people if they'd like a similar service to start up again.

Oahu Contractor Michael Hamm said yes.

"I have trucks and equipment that I could just roll onto the ferry, get unloaded, do my job a day or two and come back," he said.

"I think as we become more concerned with transportation issues, it would be a good thing," downtown Honolulu resident Ann Basto said.

But some islanders fought the Superferry with protests. Harris said anyone wanting to launch another interisland ferry should take note.

"An environmental review gives us an opportunity to go out and have a dialogue with those communities, hear what the real concerns are, and try to come up with ways to minimize them," he said.


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