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Couples wed on lucky date, 10-10-10

Tommy Deharne Tommy Deharne
Megumi Haubner Megumi Haubner
Joel Nishimoto Joel Nishimoto
Sandy Lau & Kamaile Jen Sandy Lau & Kamaile Jen
Michelle Membrere Michelle Membrere

By Oscar Valenzuela - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This was not a typical Sunday morning for wedding photographer, Tommy Deharne.  "We started off at eight this morning in Waimanalo and we'll finish off here tonight in town…", Deharne noted.  But, then again, it's not a typical calendar date. 

October 10th, 2010, or Ten-Ten-Ten in abbreviated numerical form, has crews busy all over the island.  Many of them trying to squeeze in as many weddings as possible into this once in a lifetime date.

"Today, for Ten-Ten-Ten, we have ten weddings", said Megumi Haubner.

"I would normally shoot six in one week and today I'm doing six in one day, so yeah, it's been a hectic, trying day today", Deharne adds.

So hectic, many of the venues and personnel involved in weddings, including ministers, videographers, organists and caterers were booked far well in advance.

Almost all the couples booked way in advance.  One of the couples, as far ahead as 2 years.  Joel Nishimoto, director of catering at Halekulani, said he was four times busier than his average weekend.

Nishimoto explained, "We have two weddings right now going on at the same time and tonight we'll have three more so it's just the beginning" (chuckles).

Hawaii, being one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world, surges in numbers as couples pick dates that give them a special feeling. "Seven seven seven, eight eight eight , nine nine nine, all really good days.  You know, busy for everybody.  The energy level is up.  It's busy but it's a fun busy" (smiles), furthers Nishimoto.

Deharne says, "Then we have a couple of more dates coming up like January 1st, 2011. So that's going to be One, one, one-one. Then we got November 11th, 2011. That's going to be the big one: One-one, One-one, One-one, so we got a couple more dates coming up that will be real busy".

Some couples, however, multiply the significance of the unique date by the power of ten.  Sandy Lau & Kamaile Jen met ten years ago.  They say they've been friends most of the time and only began dating earlier this year.  Ten years of being best friends made Ten-Ten-Ten the perfect wedding date.  Their wedding also happened to be timed perfectly, it began at precisely 10:10 a.m..

Michelle Membrere has a similar connection.  "The reason we picked it was because we met in 2000 so it makes 10 years" she says. 

However long it took to get the couples married today, it'll be something they'll cherish for tens and tens of years to come.


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