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Coming up on Sunrise this morning

It's Friday morning Sunrisers!

Healing healthcare. It's a massive issue facing our nation. Today some of the top political candidates will face off in a forum. What specific topics they'll address.

Bulletproof Handyman? In Harlem, New York, a gunman shot Juan Camarena from 5 feet away. What stopped the bullet?

Sick kids keeping you awake? Call Dr. Mom, she's a pediatrician who makes house calls when you don't want to spend hours at the emergency room. She's just one of the features at the Oh Baby! Expo that's coming up.

Catering your wedding. Got questions? Tanioka's got answers. The company's executives are coming in.

Dance for free! Celebrating the Arts will hold a free dance clinic tomorrow from 9am- 5pm at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Jimmy Locust who danced with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul will be choreographing the class. Details on Sunrise.

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Did I mention it's Friday? We are fueled by coffee and carbs. It's going to be a good day.

See you on television,

- Grace Lee

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