Chatting with Billy V: October 7, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Will Smith's hit movie Hitch is being turned into a TV series. The 2005 film, about Smith's kinda-smarmy but ultimately charming date doctor, is being turned into a TV series by Smith's own production company. Smith has tried to bring the movie to the small screen before -- it was adapted into a half-hour comedy for CBS three seasons ago, but ultimately didn't make it to air.

Ashton Kutcher's purported mistress, Brittney Jones, has given a new interview to Star magazine claiming that Ashton and Demi have an open relationship. Brittney came forward last month claiming she got intimate with Ashton on his couch while Demi was out of town. Now she says Ashton told her he and Demi share lovers -- but Demi was mad in this instance because she wasn't around to participate.

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