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Politicking Prosecutors. Eleven of the 104 deputy prosecutors were told they will not have a job when Keith Kaneshiro takes office on Monday. One attorney found out she was let go while she was in the courtroom. What both sides had to say about the changes.

Here comes the rain again. NOAA experts believe we will see more precipitation this winter starting in January. What weather phenomenon are they blaming for these conditions?

From Times Square to the White House? The man known as the Naked Cowboy said he wants to run in the 2012 election for the Tea Party. Did he put on clothes for the big announcement?

Hiring at Hard Rock café. If you're looking for work, the restaurant is hiring for its new location in Waikiki. What type of people managers are looking for?

Navigating a wedding registry? Feeling overwhelmed? Don't know what to choose? We will bring in an expert from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Olive oil tasting. A new store is opening in the Kahala mall called Magnolia. Each olive oil has a unique taste. What you should choose, we'll tell you in Living Lei Chic.

Alegria giveaway. We'll tell you how to win more tickets to the Cirque de Soleil Show. Here's a tip: watch Sunrise!

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