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We are smack dab in the middle of the week. It's all downhill from here. Keep that in mind as you wake up on this October 6th.

Snyder versus Phelps. Remember these names because this could be a landmark Supreme Court Case over the right of free speech. On one side is the family of Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder who was killed in Iraq. At his funeral, anti-gay picketers protested. On the other side, the Westboro Baptist Church led by pastor Fred Phelps. Watch the fight over free speech with us.

Fireworks go out with a bang. Acting mayor Kirk Caldwell signed the partial fireworks ban bill into law. Why this could mean a New Year's celebration that has a little too much sparkle. It's already raising concerns.

No vacation for you. That pretty much sums up what Republican gubernatorial candidate James "Duke" Aiona had to say to his opponent Democrat Neil Abercrombie. Watch them trade barbs over vacation and each other's economic policies.

Cheap Eats. Russ and Lyle don't venture far from our Kalihi station to find this winner. While it may have changed names slightly, the saimin has not. What other plates does this restaurant offer? Watch in our 8am hour on KFVE.

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