Aiona criticizes Abercrombie over taking a vacation

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's exactly four weeks until Election Day.  Campaign strategies are revving up and today both candidates went on the offensive.

Duke Aiona held another news conference flanked by what he called the people's union.  It's a diverse group including working families and small business owners. It also has people who have crossed parties to support him.  He says he's been rigorously campaigning to reach voters and criticized democratic opponent Neil Abercrombie for taking a vacation.

"It's a sign of arrogance. It's a sign of I think disrespect for the public, disrespect for the voters.  He knows just as well as I know that when the primary is over we had a general election to run. If you're serious about that you don't take a week off and say, 'oh well I'll come back when I come back,'" said Duke Aiona, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate.

"I would think Lt. Governor Aiona ought to take a look in the mirror. Apparently the Lingle/Aiona administration has taken time off for the last seven and a half years," said Neil Abercrombie, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate.

Abercrombie held his first news conference since winning the primary two and a half weeks ago.  He introduced a new implementation plan to go along with his previous booklet called 'A New Day in Hawaii.'

"I suggest that the Lt. Governor show us his recovery and his reinvestment plan for the failures of the Lingle administration," said Abercrombie.

"Is that a plan for his plan? I'm a little confused on that, if that's a plan for his plan it seems like a desperate act by a desperate man. Maybe he's trailing now I'm not sure," said Aiona.

Furloughs are among the issues they have differences on. Aiona says the public will have to live with them a bit longer.  Abercrombie says it's not a question of money, it's about priorities and is counting on higher economic projections from the council on revenues.

"Instead he's just talking in general terms in fact I would challenge him and say what he did was throw numbers out there not thinking anybody would call him out on it," said Aiona.

"I can't take remarks like that very seriously but I can take seriously the wreckage of the Lingle/Aiona administration," said Abercrombie.

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