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Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for Hawaii News Now's early evening newscasts.

GOOD AS GOLD. The famed 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and the Military Intelligence Service received a long overdue honor today. President Obama signed a bill today that awards them a Congressional Gold Medal. About two-thirds of the famed 442 unit were Japanese-American soldiers from Hawaii who volunteered to fight during World War II even as some of their families were detained at internment camps.

TROOPS REUNITE. 26-hundred soldiers from the Combat Aviation Brigade of Schofield Barracks' 25th Infantry Division came together again as a unit with family and friends for the first time since returning from Iraq. Our cameras capture their emotional reunion.

FIREWORKS BAN SIGNED INTO LAW. Honolulu's Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell has approved the fireworks ban recently passed by City Council. You can still get a 25-dollar permit to buy up to five-thousand firecrackers for certain holidays and cultural uses, but sparklers are now illegal.

FLOATING OBJECT REMOVAL. Hauling the boat away from Kalama Beach has turned out to be a tougher task than the State thought it would be. Crews have been working to cut the large boat part into three sections all day long. They hope to take the pieces to Keehi Small Boat Harbor to get rid of them.

GOVERNORS' CAMPAIGN CLASH. A new war of words in the Governors' Race is being played out on our airwaves. See the latest negative ads and hear the response from Duke Aiona and Neil Abercrombie tonight at 6 on KGMB.

EDUCATION DEBATE. Should BOE positions be elected or appointed?The Board of Education is discussing this issue tonight.

ELECTRIC SLIDE. The Public Utilities Commission today approved HECO's pilot program to reduce costs for owners of Electric vehicles for 3 years. Owners who charge their car during off-peak hours will pay six cents less per kilowatt hour on Oahu and 7-to-10 cents less on the neighbor islands

UH MARCHING BAND IN THE RUNNING? The CBS Hawaii 5-0 Theme Song Contest has ended. Do the Warriors have a shot at the 25-thousand dollar prize? The winner will be shown during next Monday night's episode.

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