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Times Square Bomber Sentenced. Just in, we have learned that Faisal Shahzad has been sentenced to federal prison for life after he pleaded guilty to ten counts including attempted use of weapons of mass destruction. Shahzad parked an SUV packed with explosives in Times Square on May 1st. More details will be on Sunrise.

Real life haunted house. Construction crews came across a man's body buried in concrete in Manoa. Police say he was murdered in the 1970's. The resident said that the discovery explains some creepy moments inside her home. Hear what she had to say about it.

Flames nearly trap Firefighters. In leeward Oahu, shifting winds made for some dangerous conditions for firefighters. Flames nearly engulfed some of their crew. How they got out of the situation.

Allegria Giveaway. Love Cirque de Soleil. We'll feature one of the local performers as he reveals his favorite places to hang out. Sunrise also giving away tickets for the next two weeks starting today. Email the name of another Cirque show to to win a pair of tickets.

Mongolian Beef and Duck Salad. Yum, right? But if you believe they're out of your culinary league, think again. Chef Chai will show you how to dish it up.

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