Local Connection: Innovative survivors of the recession

A local high-tech start up has won millions in local angel financing.  The company is called Adama Materials and it's at the Manoa Innovation Center.   It will work to monetize UH research on microscopically strengthened building materials.  That's space age stuff.

Tissue Genesis has won millions in defense department funding.   And they're local, too.  Their lab is in back of Ala Moana Center .  They're testing new ways to regenerate tissue.  They want to prevent amputations by improving bloodflow to extremities.

In Aiea, Hawaii Biotech has done cutting-edge work on molecular vaccines.

And Hoana Medical invented a smart hospital bed that takes your vitals and tells the nurse.

These companies stuck it out through the recession and they're changing the world.  We should all have that kind of vision.