Howzit Howard: Hawaii Employers Council

Howard Dicus
Howard Dicus

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Employers Council surveys its members every year on this sort of thing. Linda Chiem of Pacific Business News reports their collective expectation is for 2011 raises of just 1.5 percent. That only half of inflation as predicted by last Friday's UH forecast.

A fascinating article by Kristin Consillio in the Sunday Star-Advertiser says nurse retirements at Hawaii Pacific Health slowed from 18 percent three years ago to four percent last year. The Wall Street meltdown shrank retirement savings and recession put spouses out of work. This is seen as temporary until the economy recovers.

Defense contracts poured out of the back end of the federal fiscal year. From Niking Corporation of Wahiawa to Nakasato Contracting of Kaneohe to Popco of Kapolei, local companies have won work from the naval facilities engineering command at Pearl. The work runs the gamut from cleaning up the west loch to extending a rifle range in Ewa Beach.

More than 300 local businesses filed for bankruptcy in September, most of them filing for outright liquidation under chapter seven of federal bankruptcy law. The count was up a little from last year but down from several months earlier this year.

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