Red Cross Heroes

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)-Golden Retrievers Sampson and Milo are known as the "Dynamic Dual," a special team of therapy animals that provide comfort, love and stress release for the patients, family and staff at Tripler Army Medical Center.  Owners Kim and Dominic Lyons, both registered nurses, give generously of their time to bring these two bundles of energy and joy to the hospital.

Ten-year old Sampson started with the Red Cross Tripler Human Animal Bond Program in 2008, quickly becoming a favorite visitor of everyone at the hospital.  To raise everyone's spirits, Sampson dresses up as Superman for Halloween, sports a Santa Claus hat for Christmas, or wears shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.  He also volunteers at other community events like the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit Baby picnic, Special Olympics, Pet Expo, Pet Walk and Youth Reading Program.

Sampson is having fun mentoring his "little brother" Milo, and with the help of trainers Kim and Dominic, Milo has become a therapy dog in record time.  Milo is a quick learner and already knows which area of the hospital they are likely to get the most attention - visiting the young patients in Pediatrics.  Together, the "Dynamic Duo" have logged almost 300 volunteer hours at Tripler.

For bringing smiles and laughter to patients in need of healing, Sampson and Milo deserve heartfelt recognition as Red Cross Animal Heroes.

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