"I was so emotional that I did not save my brother in law"

Rosalio Dumayas
Rosalio Dumayas
Rosalio Dumayas recalls what happened during the fire
Rosalio Dumayas recalls what happened during the fire
Dumayas' burnt down house
Dumayas' burnt down house

By Ben Gutierrez - bio | email

LUALUALEI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Rosalio Dumayas spent Saturday helping with the cooking for a family party.

The family decided to go ahead with the gathering as a way to cope, a day after a fire destroyed Dumayas' two-story home and killed his 53 year-old brother-in-law, Mario Eder. Dumayas says he and Eder and were the only ones at home when the blaze broke out at around 2 p.m. Friday.

Dumayas said he smelled smoke as he was preparing to take a nap.

"I went look out our window upstairs, in the master bedroom window in the corner. I look out like that, get big smoke coming out," Dumayas said.

He then ran downstairs, and opened the door of one of the bedrooms, and found it engulfed in flames.

"As tall as me the flame already, " he recalled. "I cannot stand the heat when I open like that, the heat was coming to me, and that's why I ran away."

Dumayas said Eder had been bedridden and paralyzed since an accident a few years ago. Eder was in bed, in another part of the first floor of the two story home.

"He cannot even talk. He get hard time to hear. And he cannot walk. That's why he's lying down," said Dumayas.

Dumayas then ran back upstairs to call 911. "And then after that, I ran down again and check if I can bring out my brother-in-law, but too late already, because the fire is coming to me when I open the main door already."

Dumayas said he had homeowners insurance on the residence, and had lived in the home since 1996. For now, he and the seven other family members who lived in the house will stay at his sister in law's home, just down the street.

But Dumayas wished he could have done more.

"I was so emotional that I did not save my brother-in-law, because only me. How can I do everything? Nobody home except me and him."

Fire investigators were back at the home Saturday, but have yet to release the exact cause of the blaze.

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