Farrington waits for repairs

Ron Oyama, Vice Principal
Ron Oyama, Vice Principal

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Look around Farrington High School, past its 2,600 students, and you'll see a need.

There are a lot of repairs to do.

"It's sad that they have to learn in these kinds of conditions but this is what we're dealing with. We're just hoping for the best and waiting," vice principal Ron Oyama said.

The walkway outside the athletics building is rusting and crumbling. There are big cracks in the walls of the registrar's office.

Like all of Hawaii's public schools, Farrington's waiting for the Department of Education's word on what it can afford for school repairs.

It's due out around the middle of October.

"They will decide what they can fund and what kind of jobs that they can do within the school year," Oyama said.

He said Farrington's needs run in the millions of dollars. But there has been progress.

Overall, the DOE has whittled down its repair backlog. In 2001 it was over $700 million. In May it stood at $347 million.

"The roof leaks have been taken care of, some of them. And our boiler hot water tank down at the athletics building has finally been repaired. So slowly it's being taken care of," Oyama said.

Farrington still has immediate needs in the boys bathroom in the gym and the gym itself. There are cracks in the foundation and bleachers that won't open.

Oyama gives his school's facilities a grade of D+ or C-.

That shows there's a lot of room for improvement.

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