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Good Afternoon!

Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for Hawaii News Now's early evening newscasts.

Cop in Court. Veteran HPD Officer Scott Valdez faced a judge today. Valdez is accused of reaching into a car during a traffic stop, striking the driver, and damaging his car. Hear why his attorney fears he won't get a fair trial- at five.

A Kailua Mom & Pop Store Closes its Doors Tonight. The combination deli, liquor store, beach store and convenience market has been serving Kailua customers for 26 years. We'll be there as the owners say their sentimental goodbyes.

Flu Concerns. Cases of the flu have spiked so are enough people getting their vaccines and are there enough to go around? Tim Sakahara is tracking concerns from the State Health Department.

Whodunit? The UH Medical School is grateful for a generous donation. An anonymous donation for one million dollars.

Hawaii Tourism is Looking Up. Howard Dicus will break down the encouraging new visitor numbers at 5.

Toy Recall. Fisher Price is recalling 10-million toys that could pose a danger to kids. The recall includes 7-million tricycles, more than a million high chairs and nearly 3-million baby playzones. The full report is coming up at 5.

Turn it Down! This may be music to your ears. The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed a bill to require TV stations and cable companies to turn down the volume on loud commercials. Details tonight at 5.

Our two hour local news block starts at 5PM when I team up with Stephanie Lum for Hawaii News Now on KGMB and KHNL. Our local news continues at 5:30 on KHNL, shifts to KGMB at 6 and KFVE at 6:30.

Aloha and see you on the news!

Tannya Joaquin